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Prepare for Christmas with Dingbats* | Your ultimate guide to festive Christmas preparations in 2023!

Flip open the page of festive spirits to have the ultimate Christmas celebration yet! Here's our Christmas Preparation guide to serve as your checklist!

Plan a Christmas gifting budget

Who doesn't love to unwrap the gifts hand-picked for the holidays? After all, it is time to enjoy the jolliest season. But to keep your financial sleigh on track, we have some tips to give your guests the most suited presents and plan your gifting budget smartly.

  1. Set a Clear Spending Limit
    Begin by determining the total amount you're comfortable spending on gifts. This sets the foundation for a budget that aligns with your financial goals.
  2. Create a Detailed List
    Compile a comprehensive list of everyone you plan to gift. Include family, friends, colleagues, and anyone special. This helps visualise the scope of your gift-giving and avoids oversights.
  3. Prioritise Your Recipients
    Prioritise recipients based on the closeness of your relationship and allocate a portion of your budget accordingly. Immediate family and close friends might have a higher allocation than acquaintances.
  4. Research and Plan Purchases
    Start researching gift ideas early, taking advantage of sales events and clearance discounts is a great solution. Planning ahead allows you to find thoughtful gifts within your budget and reduces the last-minute shopping rush. Avoid surge prices and receive on-time delivery of your Christmas presents.
  5. Track and Adjust as Needed
    Keep a meticulous record of your gift purchases and expenditures. Regularly review and adjust your budget to ensure you stay on track. Flexibility is key, especially if unexpected expenses arise during the holiday season.

It's Christmas Time!

Gifting made simple. Make a Christmas gift list! 

Time to make a list of everyone that has been naughty and nice! Jot down the people close and far who will be meeting you over the holidays so you don't have to go running around at the last minute in case you forget someone. Let's unwrap the secrets of a thoughtful and personalised holiday season, where each gift becomes a chapter in the story of shared joy and connection.

  1. Squad and Family
    Start with the VIPs – your immediate family! Parents, siblings, and the adorable nieces and nephews. For parents, consider thoughtful gifts that align with their hobbies or preferences. Siblings may appreciate personalised items or shared experiences. As for the little ones, playful toys or educational goodies are sure to spark joy.
  2. Distant Cousins that have always been closer
    Extend the celebration to cousins and extended family members with a variety of gifts. Tailor presents to individual tastes, whether it's a cosy scarf for Aunt Jane or a tech gadget for the teenage cousin. Ensure each family member feels the warmth of your thoughtful gesture.
  3. BFFs and Besties
    Your ride-or-die crew deserves a holiday treat! Consider personalised gifts that reflect shared memories or inside jokes. From custom jewellery to a curated care package, show them that you are the bigger present in their lives.
  4. For Lovers under the Mistletoe
    Consider gifting experiences that deepen your connection with your better half. Now, we all may not be a 'Jim' or a 'Pam' from 'The Office' but we all have a teapot brewing with memories that speak volumes about your unique story. Packaging precious moments of the past makes good presents.
  5. Work Buddies and Acquaintance
    Consider practical items like stylish desk accessories, a gourmet coffee set, or a personalised planner. Ensure each gift exudes professionalism with a touch of holiday cheer. 
  6. Secret Santas and Special Connections
    For special connections like mentors and neighbours, choose gifts that reflect your appreciation. A heartfelt Christmas card paired with a thoughtful gift, such as a cosy blanket or a potted plant, adds a personal touch to the holiday season. 

Gifting to show that you care

Treat yourself on Christmas Day

Christmas may be about spreading the joy, but during this jolly season, don't forget to treat yourself to the holiday cheer! The best way to make the Christmas season merry is by choosing a gift inspired by your personality and hobbies. 

  1. Fitness Enthusiast
    For the fitness fanatic in you, treat yourself to a high-quality gear that screams motivation – from vibrant yoga mats to resistance bands that add a pop of colour to your exercise routine. To complement this, maintain a Health and fitness journal to keep track of your progress through 2024. Motivation to get fit is great, but tracking your progress is a gift that keeps on giving.
  2. Creative Soul
    Picture a canvas waiting for your imagination to run wild. Splash those colours, mould that clay, and let the artist within flourish. And for every artist looking to have their canvas on the go, Dingbats* notebooks offer the most premium blend of paper that works seamlessly with all your art pens, brushes, felt-tip pens and more (Check out our Pro notebooks)
  3. Book Reader
    To the bookworm within, it's time for a reading nook makeover. Wrap yourself in the cosy embrace of a fluffy blanket, sip on your favourite brew from a whimsical mug, and dive into a captivating novel. Maintain a 'Reading journal' to keep track of the books you have read, the books you are going to read and the reflections on each book's impact on your life. This personalised journal serves as a literary companion, allowing you to document your journey, thoughts, and insights gained from each book.
  4. Tech-savvy
    Techies, rejoice! This Christmas, gift yourself a gadget glam extravaganza. Imagine sleek wireless earbuds, a chic phone stand, and maybe even a touch of smart home magic. If you are an innovator who has their mind busy developing ideas, keep a journal as an 'innovative ideas repository' as it's a playground for creativity, allowing you to explore and refine concepts before implementing them digitally.
  5. Nature lover
    If you are a nature lover, you are one of us and we love you!
    A great gift to yourself that not just sparks joy in your heart, but even for many endangered species of the world is a premium Dingbats* notebook from our Earth, Wildlife or Pro collection. Crafted with eco-friendly, vegan materials and embossed with wildlife or nature-inspired designs, it's not just a notebook that you are gifting yourself, it's a sanctuary for your thoughts and a promise of safety for countless thriving species in the wild. 

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Decorating and giting this season

How to deck the halls with festive spirit

Decking the halls is not just a tradition; it's a delightful journey of creating a space that radiates joy and warmth. With these steps, your home will become a joyous haven that captures the true spirit of the season.

  1. Festive Foundation:
    Begin by establishing a foundation. Deck the halls with timeless classics – a lush green Christmas tree adorned with twinkling lights and traditional ornaments. This sets the stage for the holiday spirit to blossom.
  2. Whimsical Wreaths and Garlands:
    Infuse charm into every nook and cranny with whimsical wreaths and garlands. Hang them on doors, staircases, and mantels for a touch of seasonal magic. Opt for designs that resonate with your personal style, whether it's rustic, modern, or whimsically eclectic.
  3. Dazzling Decorative Lights:
    Illuminate your space with dazzling decorative lights. String lights along bannisters, drape them around windows and create a warm ambience that kindles the festive mood. Consider energy-efficient LED lights for a sustainable touch.
  4. Personalised Ornaments and Keepsakes:
    Elevate the decor with personalised ornaments and keepsakes. Whether it's DIY creations, cherished family heirlooms, or custom ornaments reflecting your interests, infusing a personal touch makes the space uniquely yours.
  5. Cosy Corners and Seasonal Scents:
    Transform corners into cosy retreats with pillows, sofa throws, and seasonal-scented candles. Embrace the warmth of cinnamon, pine, and vanilla to evoke the essence of the holidays. These subtle details create a sensory experience that enhances the ambience.

Home cooked meals and recipes for the win

What to prepare for Christmas dinner?

As Christmas week approaches, it's never too early to dive into the holiday spirit and ensure your Christmas lunch becomes a culinary masterpiece. With a strategic plan in place, you'll discover that getting ready for the hearty feast is not only enjoyable but also stress-free.

  1. Plan Ahead for a flawless Christmas Week
    It's time to get organised and outline your Christmas week with precision. Create a detailed checklist encompassing all your culinary endeavours, from preparing the main course to the delectable pies that will sweeten the festivities.
  2. Advance and Freeze - A Culinary Secret Weapon
    Ease the workload by preparing certain dishes well in advance and freezing them. This strategic move not only saves time but also ensures a delectable array of flavours when it's time to feast on Christmas day.
  3. Let the Mince Pies Magic take over
    Don't let the sweetness escape your attention. Include the beloved mince pies in your Christmas menu, a timeless treat that adds a touch of tradition and joy to your soul-soothing spread.
  4. Mind the Guest Count
    It's easy to forget the details, especially when considering how many people you're feeding. Take a moment to finalise the guest list and tailor your culinary preparations to ensure everyone's preferences are accounted for.
  5. Embrace the 2023 Christmas Spirit
    Embrace the unique charm of the upcoming 2023 Christmas. Incorporate traditional elements, from themed decorations to delightful dishes, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the joyous spirit of the season.

It's a Christmas Spirit

Holiday shopping to get decked up for Christmas

Before the 'One-horse open sleigh' arrives, arrive to slay at the family get-together in the most tasteful fashion statements. Grab the chicest or the cosiest holiday outfits. From lively gatherings to cosy nights by the fireplace, here's your guide to shopping for clothes that will make you the star of the season.

  1. Twinkle in Themed Attire:
    Embrace the spirited charm with themed clothing that adds a touch of holiday magic to your ensemble. Whether it's a Christmas sweater adorned with twinkling lights or a dress inspired by classic holiday motifs, let your outfit sparkle.
    'Tis the season to shine, quite literally. Incorporate sequins, metallics, and glitter into your wardrobe for that extra dose of seasonal glamour. Whether it's a sequined dress or metallic accessories, let your style shimmer.
  2. Cosy Layers for Chilly Cheer:
    As winter sets in, prioritise cosy layers that keep you warm while exuding style. Think plush scarves, elegant coats, and stylish boots that seamlessly blend comfort with fashion. 
  3. Classic Christmas Colors:
    Red, green, gold, and silver – embrace the classic Christmas colour palette in your clothing choices. These timeless hues not only exude holiday vibes but also make for stunning and photogenic outfits.
  4. Pyjama Perfection:
    Don't forget the joy of themed pyjamas! Whether you're lounging by the tree or having a Christmas movie marathon, invest in cosy and holiday-themed sleepwear that adds a dash of charm to your downtime.

It all comes down to the perfect holiday

How to decorate the Christmas tree?

Embark on a journey through tinsel and twinkle as we unwrap the secrets to transforming your Christmas tree into a special festive masterpiece! It can sometimes take longer than you anticipated, but it becomes completely worth it when admiration flows in.

  1. Theme Selection
    Begin by choosing a theme that resonates with the spirit of the season. Whether it's a classic red and green ensemble, a winter wonderland, or a quirky and colourful display, your theme sets the tone for the entire decorating adventure.
  2. Ornament Organisation
    Categorise your ornaments before diving in. Separate them into groups like sentimental, traditional, and new additions to strategically place each ornament, ensuring a balanced and visually pleasing arrangement.
  3. Lights First, Magic Later
    Kick off with the lights to infuse your tree with that enchanting glow. Weave them through the branches, ensuring an even distribution. Opt for warm white lights for a cosy ambience or go bold with vibrant colours for a playful touch.
  4. Garlands and Ribbons
    Add depth and texture with garlands or ribbons. Drape them gracefully around the tree, allowing them to cascade naturally. This step not only enhances the visual appeal but also ties the entire decor together.
  5. Sentimental Favourites
    Strategically place sentimental ornaments, whether they're handmade treasures from your childhood, family heirlooms, or personalised ornaments. These cherished pieces should occupy a place of honour on the tree.
  6. Statement Tree Topper
    Crown your tree with a show-stopping topper. Whether it's a traditional star, an angel, or a quirky ornament, let your tree topper be the finishing touch that captures the essence of your celebration.
  7. Underneath Delights
    Don't neglect the space under the tree. Enhance the ambience by placing beautifully wrapped presents, coordinating with your chosen theme. It adds an extra layer of anticipation and charm.
  8. Fragrant Touch
    Consider adding scented ornaments or discreet diffusers near the tree for an immersive experience. Scents like pine, cinnamon, or even subtle vanilla can elevate the overall atmosphere.

A note for the eco-conscious

For every Dingbats* notebook you own, we contribute 2% of your order in support of wildlife preservation and environmental conservation undertaken by WWF-UK.  Our commitment extends beyond monetary support as the water used to craft our Vanguard paper mix is returned to the environment in a cleaner state than before. Furthermore, we ensure that every resource utilised in our manufacturing process is meticulously broken down to its ultimate form before we responsibly discard it.

Christmas with Dingbats*

Take Action!

With our ultimate guide for a successful Christmas, here is everything you need to know to create a holiday season filled with joy, warmth, and unforgettable moments. Let the festival of mirth, jolly and gift-giving begin!
Dingbats* wishes you a merry Christmas!


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