Dingbats* Earth Glicine Arctic Journal - Dotted (A5+ 16x21.5cm)

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Ruling: Dot Grid
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The Earth journals are still the best, but what's wrong with dark colors?

I just received the new Glicine to feed my journaling habit with a new color and its great, just like all the others. However, I'd love to see Dingbats* come out with a dark colored version. An idea: dirt is dark - escpecially good dirt. What about a brown version that celebrates good dirt? Eroding topsoil is becoming more of a problem every year in this vicious environmental cycle we can't seem to convince certain people of..... Anyway, please just give me a dark Earth notebook!




Comme d'habitude, mes carnets sont arrivés en parfait état, sans défaut, et dans les temps ! Les détails sur la couverture sont magnifiques, les deux rubans ultra pratiques, la qualité du papier est impeccable (les couleurs ne traversent pas), l'écriture y est très agréable, et avec ça, que de bonnes valeurs derrière la marque ! C'est mon 4ème Dingbats en tant que bullet journal, et définitivement ma marque de carnets préférée.

I love these notebooks

Beautiful color and love the quality.

Love the cover, not the pages

Last year I watched a notebook review and based on the reviewers comments I was between two journals- Lemome and Dingbats. Last year I got a Lemome, loved it, but wanted to give Dingbats a try as well. The biggest difference between the two are the paper type and quality. While I love that the Dingbats journal is recyclable, I will never recycle my old bullet journals, they are full of momentos and artwork. My issue with the paper is the material is somewhat slick, so the pen doesn't soak into the paper right away, causing smearing. Very frustrating. This even happened with Sharpie. Also, while there is no straight-up bleeding of ink through the pages, the ghosting is fairly noticeable. I would hope a journal of this quality and cost would have thick enough pages to keep that from happening. I love the design though! The outside is gorgeous. One other comment is the pen strap being on the inside makes for an ugly blip in pictures. Not an issue for everyone, but if you're taking photos for Instagram or anything it's nice to have the pen strap on the back so it's not in photos.

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