Camille from PassionCarnets was so kind to write the below blog post for us. As per the recent announcement we made, we have upgraded the paper in our notebooks to a quality that has been tested and proven to be of the highest writing grade in the world today. Below is a feel of what the results are and a general review of one of our very own favorite Wildlife member, the Deer.

I have always loved stationery, pens and especially notebooks. A blank notebook is a beautiful perspective for developing my creativity, for taking care of myself with writing, and be more organized in my everyday life. Since 2015, I left my agenda, planners and organisers for a bullet journal. It was the perfect support to freely express myself. I tried and own lot of notebooks, and I developed a lot of criterias a notebook should have for perfect journaling. And I’m happy to say today the Dingbats Wildlife notebook is the highest-ranked notebook I have ever tried. Here some reasons why :

  • First of all, the size : A5 is the perfect one for my use. I can carry it in my purse, and I have enough space to express myself. You can choose a A4+ or a A5+ size for the Wildlife serie notebooks. The Reporter notebook in A6+ size is quite cute too, so basically everyone can find its perfect matching size of support :)
  • Then, the paper. I have HIGH standards with the paper quality, because I love using lots of different techniques, pens and pencils to write in it. One day, I’ll be interesting in brush lettering, the other day with aquarelle painting. And nothing is more disappointing than a paper which can’t do its job : bleeding, feathering and ghosting are my three worst nightmares !

So I took the notebook, grabbed all the material (pens, pencils, painting…) I had close at hand, and wildly covered the pages with all I got :D Here is the result : no bleeding, no feathering, and a very light and subtle ghosting. I was so happy when I saw it !

And little surprise, ALL THE PAGES are removable ! So convenient when you are not happy with your page, or if you want to cleanly remove a sheet to give some notes to your friend/coworker or to frame a piece of art you’re very proud of ;)

I love dotted paper because it’s a great compromise between a free plain page and a gridded one : I can draw straight lines or totally wildly without a disturbing grid.

  • Customization and details : the Wildlife serie is very aesthetic and neat because of its details. It starts with the cover, strong enough to protect and keep your pages in line and well ordered, and very soft and pleasant to touch. The little details of debossed animals, or the patterns inside the cover, change with the design you chose. Whale, bear, tiger, deer… it’s up to you to adopt your favorite animal (or adopt them all :) )

The pages are not numbered and there is no index pre-created. I thought it was weird at the beginning, then I had an epiphany : I CAN DO ALL I WANT ! If I want a light or a big index, how it will look, and I can remove the pages without breaking the streak if I numbered them :D

And if the freedom of creativity is a conveying value in this notebook, here are some more :

  • a cruelty-free notebook : the leathered cover is vegan (PU leather)
  • the paper is FSC-certified : sustainability, outstanding durability, and environment friendly.
  • the cover and the paper are biodegradable and recyclable !
  • the brand work with eco-friendly factories, where water and air emissions are strictly controlled, and the used water returns to the nature even cleaner than when it was taken out

How could a notebook with such great qualities not be a perfect partner for your organization and creativity ?

Here is how I adopted my new Dingbats notebook as a bullet journal :

Now… You just have to try it by yourself and express your creativity ;)

Camille from PassionCarnets

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

About the author : I’m a french blogger, and I love notebook, stationery and journaling. I also created the #YearInPixel concept. You can find me on my blog and on Instagram @passioncarnets where I’m the most active :)

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